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Some Thoughts

Some Thoughts - 7/17/2018

So, I'm down in my lab. I have to do something about my ever expanding stock of books. (Not that I'm selling, to make sure you know)

I could get a cool CASIO DATA BANK T-Shirt at UNIQLO for 500 JPY at my local UNIQLO store. That was pretty cool. I wore it today. A little bit geeky perhaps, but it's less than $5.00! ($4.45 to be exact at the current rate)

Next, I got one product listed on my eBay listing, which is a rare Data Discman CD=ROM PCMCIA 2.1 card. I don't know, I think there will be somebody who needs it. I listed it for $5.00, haha. *shrug* I'm doing people around the world some good, I guess.

I think I will be researching more about the anonymous cryptocurrencies that are out there, and other types too. I have to check price of some of my portfolio.

See you later!

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