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A song playing on my YouTube.

Interesting move between Google & Facebook

Played Ingress a bit.


Link of the Day

Thoughts about using Xperia Z3 for a while

Bought a new glasses for myself in Yurakucho Marui

Bought a Brain. A Sharp one.

Log for 11/4/2015

Cassiopeia A-51 Japanese (Operates with 2 x AA batteries) on eBay!

SDR (Software Defined Radio)

M76 Otter - YouTube video

Link of the Day

ザウバーF1チーム ― ハイパフォーマンス・コンピューティング・パートナー


A note about A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

Why Google became Alphabet (Video)

Just Note for HPC / Supercomputer related things

Obuchizawa Station's JR Train

SyNAPSE IBM's Brain Guy Dharmendra Modha

New LEGO Mini Figs

Reading this.

Searched Ultra and Bletchley on Mohawk Search and this came up.


Some links I thought interesting

WonderGate to Connect WonderSwan to internet

Internet connection speed at my house

Link of the Day

Cool tumblr that shows source code in movies

Frozen Front 1941

Starting Erlang study

On my way to Yokohama