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Some notes on Ethereum etc.

Going to Yokohama today.

I made a simple bechmark app for Android

TDS Recon!

At Kendall

Note to self (again)

Note to self


Night Time.

Uploaded 2 videos to YouTube

Finished one job for today.

Lynxlet and SuperAI Search (Solr Ver.)

SAP Cloud Platform Cozmo Demo

Been playing Blitzkrieg on my laptop.

Nvidia Releasing Mining Specific GPU's Along With Gaming GPU's? 2018

鳶 @ 湘南平

Tested something New with Google Photos

Been doing some BOINC using Geforce GTX 1070 Ti 8GB

Note for myself: Nvidia News

Link of Interest

I compiled a list of keywords about "supercomputer" to a PDF.

Nvidia's Mining Savior?!? - GTX 1070 Ti