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Picture of Chigasaki Station LUSCA


US Navy Seahawk

Watching this.

Worth a read.


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360 degree video with iPhone 5

Sigmarion 3

Studying Metacognition

Video of the Day: Explore a Google data center with Street View

Softbank and BOSS Collaboration

Diesel and Electric

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PDP-1 Game Demo

Datamining Research at Google

Just a link I wanted to share

Lung on a chip

Search by facet

Must try this out.

Hm.. Chips as mini internet...

Engadget New iPad broadcast

Speed vital for keeping in users.

Startup Weekend

Arbitary Precision Integers

Note on Lec 2 | MIT 6.00 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

Link of interest.

Something I want to try out with the NEX-5N

Print Living Cells!

Using words as a variable for search engine ranking.


MySQL and HBase


Mohawk's Ranker (Ranking Program)

English Version of Mohawk Search Engine updated!

Yahoo Pipes Test #5 - SuperSearch!

Yahoo Pipes Test #4

Yahoo Pipes Test #3

Yahoo Pipes Test #2

Yahoo Pipes Test


Happy New Year!