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Watching this.

Cool Video.


My US Army assault bag

My iPad 2 wallpaper.

Iron Man 3 and Exadata

Link of Interest

Something I read

Link of Interest: Optimization + Correlation Analysis + Financial Market

Link of interest

Deep learning with COTS HPC systems

Contextual Search

Today's MIT website

I am selling WonderSwan Final Fantasy I (box + cassette)

Starbucks in Hiratsuka LUSCA

Relaxing on top of Hiratsuka Station.

Today's Matrix Bench Result

C-130 on X-Plane 9

Matrix Bench Benchmark Results for today.

Matrix Bench Results

CodeCam on iPad mini


Nexus 7 + Sony USB stick.

Matrix Bench Results for today on Nexus 7.


Matrix Bench Result for today.

Clouds taken with SONY NEX-5N


Recommended Link of the Day

Edited with Photoshop Express with iPad mini.

Going to watch this.

Tried LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes on my iPad mini

Sigmarion 3

Bokeh Lens + Photoshop Express

Going to study

Interesting Video: Touché: Enhancing Touch Interaction on Humans, Screens, Liquids, and Everyday Objects

Tried Strike Fighters on Android

Matrix Bench Results using Nexus 7

Batman LEGO

North Korean Submarine Type 031 ('Romeo')

Some Keywords I'm researching on.

Played Frontline Commando D-Day on my iPad mini.

Bought Defense Words Dictionary at Local Bookstore

Quantum Computer, D-Wave

AhnLab and Cyber Attack in Korea

Harness unused smartphone power for a computing boost - 04 September 2012 - New Scientist


IDG Infographic

Using my Sigmarion 3

Japan Military Review (軍事研究) 2013 March

Zeta Function.

Used an app called Aviary to edit this photo

Tried Throne of Swords on my iPad mini


Tokyo Marathon (東京マラソン)に行ってきました!

Reading this page.

Serendipity Engine video I found.

Flew a Predator.

About Japanese submarine technology and Australia

(Fairly) Big Data and War


Flew B-2 bomber with my iPad mini

GPU and Python

Flying SR-71

MirBot, Greatly Recommended.

F-22 Raptor DemoをSony Vaio Z VPCZ1でプレイしました。

PS3 Cluster (Supercomputer)

Windows logo


Notes on Search Engine Ranking Variable

Tried MOBILE GPU MARK on iPad mini

Things to Study This Year.