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Otaru Port - 2016/12/28

Shin Sapporo Morning


Couple Things to Do

MIT Logo Cover for Macbook Air Early 2015

Bought a Cover for my Macbook AIr Early 2015.

My Ingress Player card... (Just for fun)

Throwback Thursday - Photograph Nickelback

Plans (personal note to self)

Made a gif using imgur


View from Abeno Harukas 2016-11-20

Just a note about stock

Haneda to Kansai

MIT has the smartest football team in the world

Link of Interest.

Link of the Day

Kyoto University and Quantum Switch

Puyo Puyo in Bamiyan



NEX-7 + Russian 50mm Elmar type lens Photo - Flower

iPhone 6S ad in Yokohama Minatomirai

Link of interest

I'm one of the most viewed writers in Supercomputers on Quora!

Batmobile!!! + LEGO BATMAN :-)

Relevancy Hacks for eCommerce, Varun Thacker, Search Engineer, Unbxd Inc

Increase Search Relevancy with Advanced Query Parsing Techniques

Listening to this song.

Data Pipeline

Just some fun with my TI-84 Plus

Link of the Day

Google's TPU

Helicopter Taken at Shonandaira

To Do.

Spirit Supercomputer Video


Link of the Day

Some links to study

Today's music as I work...

Listening to this on 8tracks.

2nd Batman Lego Mini Figure

High Performance Computer tweets analysis

BOINC on Raspberry Pi 2

Note to self: To attend?

NEX-7 湘南平のパノラマ写真