Big Data, Analysis, etc.

Well, my thoughts on what to do in the near future.
Big Data.
This has been my interest for a long time this year, and I attended a panel discussion in Tokyo, Japan on October 12th. I don't have SUPER much of big data, and I need to analyse all the data that is coming, but I think I will need to create a team to process, or make a automatic analysis program and make it report to me everyday or every hour.
Well, I think I will need to make a real time analysis of twitter stream on a specific topic. I am doing a little experiment by myself with Perl, and it is working quite well, I am hoping to capture twitter tweets at certain intervals and save it to disk(or SSD).
Monetizing the analysis is the hard part. I still don't really know where to sell this information other than infochimps. Hopefully there will be a market for data soon.


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