Something I am considering.

Recently I am saving up for some things.

First of all, I want a Sony Tablet P to play with. No, actually not only play with it, but study, review and develop apps for it.
I see a lot of futuristic ideas on the device. I will probably get it without contract, since I can use the HTC EVO WiMAX's WiFi tethering.

Next, I am planning a short trip within Japan, Guam, or Asia. Haven't really decided on where to go, but Korea has always been somewhere I wanted to go. I just went to an airport for a connecting flight to France this year. It seemed to be a beautiful country, when I got a glimpse.

Guam has been on my list for sometime too.

Taiwan has been somewhere I want to explore too, for personal reasons.

Well, if I manage to make a lot of money, I will distribute it between travel and the Sony Tablet P.

Just my thoughts of the day.


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