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massive research networks
For science, big data is the microscope of the 21st century.
John Hopkins University is taking 1.2 million dollars grant from the National Science Foundation to build a 100gigabit per second network to shuttle data from the campus to other large computing centers at national labs and even Google.
66,000 x86 Cores
100Gbps network in growing numbers in USA.
filtering through petabytes of data is an entirely new type of computing which will lead to new advances in astronomy and physics, much like 17th century microscope.
Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee - 10gigabits connection
Alert is important for changes in products in auction, etc. I think I can make programs that alert certain seller's products and cross references to ebay or to yahoo auction
Make a online trailer site for measuring how long a visitor stays on site. English trailers will be better, but even better is making both Japanese and English. Make affiliate links to appropriate sites
Study Sprint's products in USA.
Predict which products will be launched in Japan


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