About Japanese submarine technology and Australia

About Japanese submarine technology and Australia

"Japan's Defense Ministry is weighing whether to share submarine technology developed by a contractor for the Maritime Self-Defense Force with the Royal Australian Navy, sources said. 

Given that submarine technology is highly classified, doing so would signal strengthened cooperation among friendly nations in the Asia-Pacific region where the Chinese Navy has demonstrated a growing presence"

I am wondering if this will lead into more Chinese and Japanese conflict. Note the "given that submarine technology is highly classified". The Japanese have lots of technology developed during the World War II, and has the leading technology in their submarines. 

Is this really wise to give this so called classified technology, I am wondering where the technology really gets used by eventually.

An example is the Chinese J-10 (Jiangji J-10A) which was actually Israeli technology sold to the Chinese after the end of the Cold War made American-Israeli cooperation in the development to a halt.

I am not saying I don't trust the Australians, but eventually, these classified technology may be used against the JSDF, which will be a tragedy.

I am hoping they will make a wise decision.


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