Sample Twitter code with Python

Sample Twitter code with Python I was testing the other day. very easy. if you have any questions, leave on the comment. :) I'd be glad to help. from TwitterSearch import * import rethinkdb as r r.connect('localhost', 28015).repl() twittertweets = r.db('tweets').table('twittertweets') counter = 2139 #Start of counter, better to save / load from file #Acknowledgments: Most of code from: (Twitter Search Example) #Modified python script by Tsubasa Kato (@stingraze) try: tso = TwitterSearchOrder() # create a TwitterSearchOrder object tso.setKeywords(['supercomputer']) #Query to send to Twitter API tso.setLanguage('en') # we want to see English tweets only tso.setCount(7) # please dear Mr Twitter, only give us 7 results per page tso.setIncludeEntities(False) # and don't give us all those entity information # it's about time to create a TwitterSearch object with our secret tokens ts = TwitterSearch( consumer_key='xxxx', consumer_secret='xxxx', access_token='xxxx', access_token_secret='xxxx') for tweet in ts.searchTweetsIterable(tso): # this is where the fun actually starts :) counter = counter + 1 print( '@%s tweeted: %s' % ( tweet['user']['screen_name'], tweet['text'] ) ) twittertweets.insert({"id": counter, "user": tweet['user'], "tweet": tweet['text']}).run() #Inserts tweets to RethinkDB except TwitterSearchException as e: # take care of all those ugly errors if there are some print(e)


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