Data Pipeline

I'm at Starbucks right now, and was studying dats science with a book from O'Reilly. I'm thinking of building a data pipeline soon with pipes.

UNIX based systems are really fun for me, more than Windows these days. That is because tools like Perl, bash, awk, are in most distributions. But one interesting move is that Windows has bash now via Ubuntu. That is kind of crazy if you were in 2006, but it's true!!!

Strangely enough, it's a good thing Windows runs on most computers, and I can compile Perl apps and Ruby apps into an exe. My Toshiba DynaBook N29 is my compiling machine, and though the screen resolution is really high and sometimes hard to read, I'm glad I bought it in Ikebukuro some months back.

Mohawk crawler got updated too, and I'm glad it did. Not open sourcing that version yet...


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