So, I went to Osaka with my dad yesterday and today. 

It was a very good trip, God blessed our trip very much.
Osaka is filled with energetic and passionate people selling all sorts of things, especially in Namba. There were stores selling many knives (houchou) and even Japanese sword (Nihon-tou). There are lots of shops selling Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. I got to eat both at Namba, and they were very delicious. I loved the secret sauce each store uses.

I bought a pen from Rhodia as a omiyage for my mom, who stayed at home this time. It is orange, and very well made. She really liked it. 

For some reason, we were allowed to have security check in a priority gate even though we were not very late or anything. (At Kansai International Airport). My JAL mileage is at 1400+ right now by the way, and yes we used JAL both ways this trip. 

Coming back from Tokyo, we had some turbulence and the Boeing 737-800 shook a little, but God protected the flight. 

I think next year or so, I would like to go to Boston to study in MIT Professional Education course! I will have to save up a lot of money! ($5000+)

See you in the next post!
Tsubasa Kato (stingraze)


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