Log for 11/4/2015

So, today was a long day. I packaged four wheels into two boxes, and also stocked a GAMEBOY LIGHT Silver to sell on eBay.

Programming wise, I made a CSV maker from Mohawk Search's database. It makes a file with URL and ranking. That made me happy since I could discover a lot of new sites that I couldn't just by using the web interface of Mohawk Search.

I am thinking of making a better crawler from scratch, maybe using Python or Ruby this time. that'll make things interesting.... Mohawk Search Plus.... is something I've been thinking. Something with voice search and maybe contextual search.

I know, it's easy to say to make such a thing and I think I've been saying to work on contextual search for some time now...

I think the best option for me is to use Python for some quick scripts, and maybe R for data analysis.

Here's a tweet I liked by the way.


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