Thoughts about using Xperia Z3 for a while

So, I've been using the Xperia Z3 SOL26 for a while now, and I am just amazed by the quality of the device. I mainly use it for blogging, Instagram, checking prices on the go and app development. I have Android 4.4 KitKat on it, and it is working like a charm. I have no intention of rooting it or upgrading it.
I am listening to my favorite music now on Tokaido Line's green car, heading back to Hiratsuka, where I live. The earphone I am using is Sony's noise cancelling headphone I bought in San Francisco airport back in 2011. It's my most favorite earphone so far.
Xperia Z3's good point is that it has a quad core CPU and very very good battery life. It seems like so much has improved since I had the Japanese version of Xperia X10 some time back when I was selling a lot of smartphone batteries.
I also use the Xperia Z3 SOL26 for tethering, and I have the 7GB plan. (which I never hit, and I know is a waste... But I'll change that.)
I have a Zeroshock case by Elecom as the protection cover, and it is silver and black. I used to have a clear green TPU case, but it got dirty so I replaced it with the Zeroshock.
All for now.
Tsubasa Kato


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