Bought a Brain. A Sharp one.

So, enough with its funny (?) and catchy title, I bought a Sharp Brain PW-SA2-W (White color) at Yamada Denki in Hiratsuka.

What's amazing is this color touch panel electronic dictionary has a voice input mode powered by Nuance. I also bought it because it has Encyclopedia Britannica on it. The keyboard is fine, it is like the soft ones you find usually on electronic dictionaries. I find it pretty usuable. It's not a PC after all.

The Brain PW-SA2-W comes with a charger and a micro USB cable. It also support microSD and microSDHC.

What's good about this dictionary is that it has a Japanese kanji (Chinese Characters) etymology dictionary in it. I've always been fascinated by kanji's etymology and this sparked a learning side of me to full scale.

Until next time,
Tsubasa Kato (stingraze)


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